The Entire Process

We have created a process we can work through together, without actually being together. At one time, this used to be offered as a preference, but Covid-19 changed all that. From start to finish, all meetings are now done on ZOOM, allowing couples to meet with their CDFA from the comfort of their own home. So for divorcing couples who seek a more cost-effective, less stressful and intimidating process, we have the solution for you.

It starts with a free 30 min phone consultation to learn about your situation and to answer your questions. Should you decide to move forward, we begin the onboarding process.

Onboarding Process

1. You’ll be sent via DocuSign mediation agreements, YDFA disclosures and any pertinent documentation requiring signatures.

2. You will be emailed an invoice to pay online.

3. Once 1 and 2 are completed, you will be provided access to your own secure and private portal. This is where files are shared (upload and download), to-do lists are maintained, meetings are scheduled and important notes are kept. This will be your go-to place throughout the entire process.

Mediation Preparation

4. Your turn: Download the intake form located in your Portal under Files. Complete it right on your computer, save and upload it back into Files when you’re done.

5. Still your turn: Time to gather and upload all your statements and documents – bank, mortgage, credit cards, brokerage/investment accounts, IRAs, 401K’s, pensions, debts, W-2’s, 1099’s etc.  – any and all assets and liabilities.

6. Our turn: We will compile all the documentation you provided and present it to you in an interactive format so you can plug in your own proposals and what-if scenarios in preparation for your mediation. When you’re ready, we schedule your mediation.


7. Your ZOOM mediation will be a 2 hour block. Both parties will be able to discuss and express their desired outcomes and needs in a non-threatening and uninterrupted fashion. Our experience has taught us that once a couple has gone through the Mediation Preparation phase, and has had time to think about it using the tools we provide in Step 6, they are better prepared and more comfortable during the mediation process. As your CDFA, we will present our findings as well and help you understand the financial and tax implications of the decisions you’re contemplating. Sometimes, there are better ways to do things, that accomplish the same thing, but can save you thousands of dollars. We will work with you until all aspects of your settlement are reached. If you need more time and/or more mediations to get there, we will make that time available for you.

8. Once you’ve reached your agreement, we complete the documentation preparation for either an attorney to paper (divorce decree) or for you in a pro se divorce (do-it-yourself).

Settlement Execution

9. Whatever your settlement calls for, we have the team of professionals for it – attorneys, QDRO specialists, mortgage loan originators and realtors. We stick with you until the whole divorce process is completed and the terms of your settlement have been fully executed.


10. Now that you’re divorced, there’s still some work to be done. Wills need to be updated, beneficiaries changed, different insurances may need adjustments, joint accounts need to be retitled and so on. We will provide you with the list of things you’ll need to do.

*In this scenario, your CDFA® is a neutral party, a mediator, who can recommend creative solutions to try to meet your desired outcome. If we’re retained by one spouse and/or attorney, your CDFA® is your advocate who helps both you and your attorney to better understand or defend the settlement you are seeking.