Our 5 Step Process

Let’s be honest. While you’re going through the divorce procedure, the last person you might want to share any space with is your spouse. We have created a process you can work through together, without actually being together….if that is your preference. All “joint meetings” do not have to be in person. In fact, from start to finish, any or all meetings can be done from the comfort of your home. So for divorcing couples who seek a more cost-effective, less stressful and intimidating process, we have the solution for you.

1. It starts with a free consultation to learn about your situation, your desired outcomes and to answer your questions. At the meeting, we will give you a list of documents to provide us and client data sheets to complete.

2. Time to gather your documents to provide to us via an online, shared storage or by other means, if you prefer.

3. We complete all the data entry, analysis and report preparation for a joint negotiation meeting.

4. We schedule our joint meeting either in person or online (Zoom) where we present our findings and offer a few settlement options to consider. We will work with you until all aspects of your settlement are reached.

5. We complete the documentation preparation for either an attorney or for you in a pro se divorce (do-it-yourself).

In this scenario, your CDFA® is a neutral party, a mediator, who can recommend creative solutions to try to meet your desired outcome. If we’re retained by one spouse and/or attorney, your CDFA® is your advocate who helps both you and your attorney to better understand or defend the settlement you are seeking.

For a mediation, we schedule our joint meeting where you bring all the documents you gathered and your CDFA will help both of you iron out the settlement you are seeking. At the end of your mediation (s), you will receive the documentation needed for your next step.